Hell yes!

4 October 08:15 - 11:15

Are you looking for a new office? Come join us for DROP IN breakfast and have a look at the co-working palace The Castle at Slottsbacken 8. Drop in whenever you want - breakfast is served until 10.00.

What is The Castle "Slottet" at Slottsbacken 8?

The castle is a co-working space in central Stockholm. An office for freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, jacks of all trades and all other forms of organizations. Today we are 270 people sitting on the five different styled floors - one with original 300 year old decor.

Our culture is built on participation and “Both and”:

Participation in the meaning that we as members create the place by sharing what we love. Like hosting yoga classes, jamming in our music room, help each other with contacts and clients, start the runners’ club, meditate, lucid dreaming group etc.

“Both and” is the foundation of our philosophy that both one and the other side of things should be warmly welcomed in our culture: Introverts and extroverts, happy and sad, suits and sequins, young and old. It’s the mix that makes the magic.

We'll tell you more IRL, or you can read more about us at our webpage.

Looking forward to seeing you! Please spread the word to friends who might be interested.

The Castle is located next to the Royal Palace, in the old town. The address is Slottsbacken 8. 

Hell yes!

Amalia Wahlström
John Hedén